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Anyone who has dealt with Home Improvement contractors knows how tough it is to find someone they can recommend for quality, price, and service.  If you're lucky you'll get two out of the three.  After putting LA Overhead Garage Door to the test, I can wholeheartedly recommend them as a company that delivered for us on all fronts.

Gavin gave me a fantastic deal on a set of high-end stainable wood garage doors, yet in spite of the low margins continued to provide great service where others wouldn't have -- long after the deal had been completed and even though it further increased Gavin's costs.

In the months following the completion, we have already had 2 passersby knock at our door to compliment us on our wood doors and to get LA Overhead Garage Door's contact information for their own projects.  We were happy to send them Gavin's way with our full recommendation.

MS in Encino

This letter is to thank you for the inventive solution you came up with to solve the problem of my new garage door, installed by LA Overhead Garage Doors, leaving a gap between one edge of the door and the ground when the door was closed, due to the fact that the cement floor of my garage was poured unevenly. I was impressed that you designed, fabricated and installed a rubber “lip” to the bottom of the garage door so that there would be a tight seal between the door and the floor of the garage, despite the fact the floor of the garage was uneven. I was also very grateful that you came and riveted the new “lip” on at 7:30am so that I could check the installed “lip” (it works beautifully) and still get to work on time. Thank you for being so inventive and flexible. It’s nice to come across a customer oriented company with good products and reasonable prices. 

KM of Los Angeles, CA 90010


For the last six years I have been recommending L.A. Overhead Garage Door to my clients. When my old garage door system needed replacement recently, I became one of your customers myself. I couldn’t be happier with the quick response time, quality work and dollar value I received from you. When I refer business to you in the future, I’ll be able to say of your company, “I’ve used them, and they were terrific.”

David Rambo of LA
DBL Realtors


Thank you for an excellent door and quality installation. I will not hesitate to recommend your company to other potential clients.

JA of Los Angeles


Thanks for doing an awesome job with our garage doors.

MR of Los Angeles


Working with your company has been a pleasure. Everyone loves the materials and workmanship you provided. I look forward to future working opportunities.

DB of Beverly Hills


Having Gavin on the job guarantees happiness. He and the famous Percy worked their tails off to do a beautiful job. I’m glad you pushed us into getting it done. You were right.

AB of Irvine